About Me.

fullsizerenderWhen I was little, everyone believed that I would grow up to be a commentator. I could out talk someone twice my age, with no fears at all. It was my schools oratory contest where I let my voice take over and my personality come out. I would learn these speeches and poems by the greatest African American writers, hone in on the character and become that person for the next minute in a half. But then something changed.

/ôr’ganik/ as an analogy in the creative process used to describe something that is made in such a way that the various parts developed as they were, from one another, rather than sticking to a preconceived plan.

The Student.

I have been in school for as long as I can remember. I used to get in trouble for talking a lot and was dubbed “Mama Mia” at the rightful age of five, because according to my kindergarten teacher, “I made sure everyone I was around was on task, and ready at all times.” My favorite classes were English and Language Arts. It was something about understanding how the English language works and then applying those rules in my own writing to make it make sense. It was something about being able to break a reading down and understand the authors pros that was exciting to me. Words were just exciting to me.

The Writer.

I am certain that the amount of times my mother went to a parent teacher conference and a teacher said to her, “Mia is a great student, she just talks a lot,” is sickening. Sorry Mommy. But it was during the summer before the sixth grade that I learned to apply my speaking in another way. It was through journaling. I would just write, write, and write. Writing was my new wave of talking. I wrote about anything and everything that was on my mind as though I was having a conversation with someone. And I was getting good at it. And the more I wrote the more I liked it. And the more I wrote, I began to love it.

img_6466The Creative.

I believe the creative in me has always been there. I was in dance classes starting at the age of three. I went to summer arts camp at the age of ten. I watched as all the grown ups around me had these grand visions, and then made it happen in all the productions I was involved in. It’s in the creative process, where I can let my imagination fly and then see how I can bring it all together as one cohesive piece. Nothing is forced. And the end project is always what I imagined in the beginning.

So here I am now. Mia Simone Rush. The student. The writer. The creative. An ardent Drake University, Magazine Journalism major, ready to tell stories that are raw, impactful, paramount and innovative. Stay connected with me as I aim to use this website as a reflection of who I am as a person as I continue to grow in the professional world.

Mia Simone Rush